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rHGH Spray (Homeopathic) Item Name:
rHGH Spray (Homeopathic)
Item #:

rHGH Spray Complex is a potent anti-aging formula. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein-like hormone released by the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus directs the pituitary gland in how much HGH should be released. Human growth hormone levels increase during the night in the sleep cycle and decrease during the day.

As we age HGH levels decline. With declined levels of HGH muscle and bone strength decrease, energy levels deplete, tissue repair and cell growth are at a much slower rate. The healing capacity becomes less and less. Revitalization of hair and skin diminish, Body fat increases while lean body mass decreases. Bone becomes more fragile and cholesterol and triglycerides levels are increased and the heart wall can thicken pumping less blood. Psychological problems including social isolation, depression, inability to concentrate, and fatigue come with decreased human growth hormone levels.

Benefits of rHGH include:

• Conversion of body fat to muscle mass Growth acceleration of all tissues

•Energy level increase Tissue repair

•Whole body healing Cell replacement

•Bone strength Brain function

•Sexual function Organ health and integrity

•Enzyme production Healthier hair, nails, skin and vital organs


Your body is always producing HGH or it could not function. The older you get the less and less HGH you secrete each year. By the age of 20 years we secrete an average of 500 micrograms a day of HGH. At the age of 40 years of age, we secrete 200 micrograms per day of HGH. At the age of 80 years old we average on 25 micrograms/day of HGH.

rHGH ingredients are of a homeopathic nature. Homeopathics work by using extremely minute doses of metabolic factors, organs, tissues, plants, minerals to stimulate the body’s own natural capacity to restore and renew. Homeopathics stimulate a cellular reaction in the body to activate a restoration response. There is a specific DNA code for human growth hormone. Through the combination of sugar and purine or pyrimidine inserted into organic strains to produce a protein chain recognized by the body as HGH. The recombinant (r)HGH created in this process, is purified, and refined yields the homeopathic preparation.

Other ingredients:

Deer Antler - deer antlers in various stages grow quickly at an amazing rate of 1 inch per day in some species. In order to maintain this kind of growth the cartilage, bones and supporting tissues must also grow at an expedited rate. Growth factors are proteins found in the amazing process.

Carduus Marianus - Liver and gallbladder protectant, increases glutathione by 45%.

Arnica Monatana - support tissue regeneration, promotes healing processes.

Damiana - supports low libido, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

Thuja - is highly effective in wart removal, skin inflammation, nasal catarrh, asthma, eczema, itching, conditions which deteriorate.

Galium Aparine - skin problems, seborrhoeic, eczema, psoriasis, detox.

Acidum Phosphoricum - mind clarity, vertigo, blood supply, emotional support, circulation encourager.

Different people notice different result with rHGH. Some people see immediate results while other experience subtle benefits. With proper diet and exercise, the results can be faster and more pronounced. rHGH therapy has assisted many with a newness of life.

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